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Systems Area

The Systems Area provides software applications able to assist management activities and to achieve specific Customer requirements.


  • Software development and assistance
  • Software interfaces / customisations
  • Customised applications and Websites development
  • Personnel training at various levels about:
  • Consulting for the optimization of clients companies processes
  • Analyses with market researches for selecting products/services according to customer requests

Main softwares in use


Product description



Planning Work scheduling & planning control Project Microsoft ®
Primavera Primavera ®
Engineering Project documentation Quality System Management 3°° terzogrado SISCO
Purchasing Project purchasing/sourcing activities control MILEMATE! SISCO
Sourcing activities planning MILEMATE! SISCO
Construction and installation Progress control and project accounting MILEMATE! SISCO
Controllo pianificazione, produzione e controllo costi per le commesse di costruzione di condotte PLAYMATE! SISCO
Project cost control Atlante Prometeo ®
Maintenance Work orders definition and planning (times, costs and accounting per WO) Atlante Prometeo ®
Quality Control Material Conformity Certificates control MILEMATE! SISCO
Welding activities checks WELDMATE! SISCO