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SISCO offers a wide range of integrated services for organisations functions developed inside private companies, coordinating with them on projects of particular interest.

In this context, SISCO designs systems that respond to clients’ requirements, by means of:

  • Analysing needs
  • Rationalising effective problems
  • Performing What-if-analysis
  • Offering optimised solutions

All the above mentioned measures enable our personnel to identify and remove technical anomalies and avoid economic variances during projects: these are SISCO’s ultimate aims.


SISCO provides assistance for all levels of organisations with customised, integrated solutions and promotes continuous and lasting improvements for management systems, in order to increase companies’ performance.

SISCO fits smoothly into the client’s organisation and identifies with the client’s interests, sharing his main goals and growth philosophy and harmonising management activities.

SISCO’s operational model is designed to measure and control production processes and it is based on personal transparency and coherence.


Sisco’s ambition is to become a reference point in the Project Management field and to stand out in the market because of its professionalism, acquired through its unique working methods.

Our main medium-term goal is to be acknowledged by an even greater number of businesses partners to work with, and so to spread our culture of excellence.

For the future, we hope to become a privileged partner of major companies on the international scene, and to handle complex projects using our own information systems.

Our spirit of cooperation, our talent for continual exchange of experience and the constant commitment to training will add more and more to the value of our workforce, proudly part of the SISCO team.


In our mission to supply high quality professional services and products, we are constantly striving to increase company know-how and improve the skills and efficiency of our performance, through continuous investments.

SISCO aims to operate according to professional ethics, to build relationships based on trust and to always guarantee our reliable, willing partnership.

By involving staff and sharing responsibilities, we are continually on the lookout for anyone who can make a contribution, independently of the hierarchy. One of the tools we believe in is giving due importance to results, as a way of motivating people and stimulating the spirit of initiative.

Constant attention to safeguarding the rights even of those who operate on a very small scale is a commitment to which we are absolutely dedicated.