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SISCO is the dream partner for the management and the control of any type of project: planning, progress tracking and cost control are just some of the areas where SISCO excels thanks to its specific skills, abilities and the versatility of its resources.

SISCO develops above all project control’s software, among which MILEMATE!, the most complete software for EPC orders control. It’s able to handle physical accounting, active and passive work progress, hand over procedures for pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of the facilities management of certificates and documents of quality.

SISCO can face any kind of need by providing solutions that satisfy all expectations of its customers, thanks to a professional and systematic approach consolidated over the years. The strategy adopted in the management of their tasks is to analyse the clients needs, streamline the real needs, draw and simulate the processes inherent in the different solutions by simulating the impacts and writing the what-if analysis and concluded with the proposal of optimal solutions.

SISCO is also involved in training of personnel of its clients thanks to the mastery of the techniques of project control and conversant in the use of all major market scheduler.


The MANAGEMENT Area offers management and technical services for coordinating projects and processes; these services enable customers to adopt methods that lead implicitly to a …


Better business organisation can help a company to grow and stand out from its competitors, in markets that are becoming more and more competitive.


The Systems Area provides software applications able to assist management activities and to achieve specific Customer requirements.